To stay ahead of the competition, businesses challenged with ever-increasing customer demands must be able to react fast. Waiting hours after 3D printing for your prototypes, production parts, end-use parts or tooling to be ready to use just doesn’t cut it.

Only the Rize One 3D printer gives you the speed and agility you need to print engineering-grade, isotropic thermoplastic parts stronger than polycarbonate and 2X stronger than ABSplus in the lab or at your desk whenever you need them. Since virtually no post-processing is needed following printing with Rize One, you’ll have your usable parts exponentially faster than any other 3D printer, so you can iterate more and faster to improve designs and speed your entire product development process. And, you’ll cut post-processing costs for labor, materials, equipment and facilities. Plus, our unique software automatically enables you to 3D print even imperfect files, saving you long hours of expert file fixing necessary with other systems and expanding the possibilities.